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Welcome to my new website, where I hope that you will find something of interest. If you’ve been a visitor to my other sites then you’ll notice that this is an amalgamation of both of those. The time eventually came when I could no longer run 2 different sites, hence this new one has been compiled from them. And, for a fuller explanation of what can be found on this site please click here to read my Curious Concepts page.

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I regularly try to check all the links mentioned on my site, but unfortunately web pages do disappear from the Internet. So if you should come across one that has now gone I hope it won't spoil your enjoyment.

Alchemy is supposedly the art of turning base metals into gold. But I believe that it is, in fact, really about converting the lead of Self into the gold of Spirit.


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This picture is one that I use as my Avatar. So if you see this, plus my name, Kithra, on any forum then the chances are that the posts accompanying it are from me. This will be especially true if they also have the tag: Armageddon will not be televised, due to lack of interest   This "triangle" image is the one that I first drew, or rather doodled, when I was almost in my teenage years. I have no idea what motivated it, and at that time I'd not seen any Masonic images.

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DISCLAIMER: This web site is not responsible for any information contained in any of the external websites that you may choose to visit by clicking any of the links contained on this site. If you should find any information, theories, or ideas, that worry, upset, or frighten you in any way, then you should address your concerns to the website on which you read them, and not to this Web Mistress.

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Thank You for Visiting. If you found anything of interest then please visit again as new articles are added quite often. And should you wish to contact me, please do so via my blog - the link to which you can find almost at the end of the menu on the left handside of the page.

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